About us
Chinese economy has been growing year by year. ShangHai is the center of Chinese economy, it looks like New York in United States. ShangHai is divided to west and east districts by HuangPu River. The west district is a classical city and the east district is a modern city.

ShangHai YinHe was founded in 2000 to handle various sorts of IP matters in China. A Chinese Patent Attorney, Ms. Guo has been working for ShangHai YinHe as a manager since the beginning of the company.

ShangHai YinHe started in the west district as "ShangHai YinHe Intellectual Property Consulting Co., LTD." The company has been growing with Chinese economy. In 2004, the company moved to the east district and changed to "ShangHai YinHe Intellectual Property Agent Co., LTD."

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