Our Services
We provide quality services as follow:
  1. Representing Chinese Trademark applications
  2. Translation among English, Chinese and Japanese of documents for filing to China Patent Office/China Trademark Office,
  3. Checking and verification of documents between Chinese representatives (patent law firms) and Chinese Patent Office/Chinese Trademark Office,
  4. Search for Patent/Trademark literatures,
  5. Investigation of goods in market for detecting infringement, and
  6. Counsel of Chinese IP matters.

In China, only about 100 patent law firms can represent foreign people under a governmental regulation. Due to the small number of the firm, fees of the firms are high. In addition, quality of documents in prosecution is sometimes not enough and foreign people can not easily understand the documents in Chinese. Therefore, double-checking of the documents by the firms and a third party is strongly recommended.

We are familiar with many firms in China, choose adequate one for each client, and provide more accurate documents in Chinese/English/Japanese through full contact with the firms and correct translation. The Chinese patent attorney checks every document from legal and technical points of view.

Moreover, by making translation fee lower than that of the firms, the total cost of application is still almost same as that in case of requesting directly to the firms.